An insulated sandwich panel is a product comprising of a core of thermo-insulating material skinned on both side with sheet metal. The sandwich panels stand out due to their high load-bearing capacity, light weight and excellent thermal insulation.

Metecno Lanka is the pioneer in sandwich panel manufacturing in the country. 

Metecno Lanka is the only company in the country able to fulfil and deliver various requirements such as thermal insulation, sound proofing, fire protection and aesthetics using above various different type of sandwich panels.

Advantages of Insulated sandwich panels

  • High load-bearing capacity at low weight
  • Excellent and durable thermal insulation
  • Good water and vapour barrier
  • Excellent airtightness
  • Surface finished facings providing resistance to weather and aggressive environment.
  • Capacity for rapid erection without lifting equipment
  • Easier installation in hostile weather conditions
  • Easy repair or replacement in case of damage
  • High quality and fast production
  • Long life at low maintenance cost