METCOPPO is self-supported step tile metal sandwich panel with Polyurethane Insulation core. The profile designs is based on the classical Spanish tile which is renowned for its aesthetic appearance. We also offer enormous aesthetics flexibility with the vast range of colors. Together with advanced inter lapping, overlapping, fixing mechanism and with range of accessories enables Metecno Lanka to deliver complete building solution. Metecno Lanka can also make custom length METCOPPO Sandwich Panels to suit your exact design and help to optimize structural efficiency. 


  • Leak proof roofing solution
  • Specially designed Anti- capillary features
  • Traditional Tile appearance
  • Ease of installation
  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Superior performance in all-weather condition
  • Self-screw fasteners fixing system


Exterior Pre painted, Zinc Aluminum alloy coated AZ 150, 0.47 mm thickness. Choice of colors.
Interior Pre-painted, Zinc Aluminum alloy coated AZ 150, 0.35 mm thickness. Off white, Titanium Silver or Wood finish color.
Effective cover of 1005 mm, maximum length of sheet is 6000 mm.
Leak Proof Roofing Solution
Specially designed Anti-capillary features
Ease of Installation
Traditional Tile Appearance
Enhanced Aesthetics
Superior Performance against all whether conditions

Completed Projects