Metecno insulation products covers whole range of thermal and sound insulation appliances for domestic and large scale of industrial use.

Aluminium Foil

A highly reflective radiant heat barrier as well as a vapor barrier. Aluminium foil is laid under the roofing sheets as a heat reflector. This material is three way reinforced for maximum strengths and durability.

Foil type Roll size Roll area Weight
3 Way Single Sided 1.25m x 60m 75m2 8 Kg / roll
3 Way Double Sided 1.25m x 60m 75m2 10.2 Kg / roll
Foil Specifications
Tensile Strength M.D. 1,500N/25mm x D.60N25mm (ASTM D828)
Surface Reflectivity 0.95 (ASTM D1263)
Water vapor transmission rate 5.75 ng/N.s (ASTM E96)
Reflectivity 95%
Emissivity 5%

Glass wool

An Excellent flexible sound barrier and conductive heat barrier. Glass wool is laid under the roofing sheets as a heat and sound barrier. This material comes in different thicknesses and densities for different applications.


Glasswool typeRoll sizeRoll areaDensityConductivityR value
20 x 251.2m x 20m24m220 kg/m20.039 W/mK0.65 m2K/W
16 x 501.2m x 15m18m216 kg/m20.039 W/mK1.3 m2K/W


Temperature Range-4 0C to 121 0C (ASTM C411)
Moisture Absorption3% < at 49 0C and 90% relative humidity (ASTM C1104)
Fire Rating Class0 (BS 476)
 No support or promote mold or fungus growth (ASTM C665)

Galvanized Mesh

A strong and durable support for insulation. Galvanized mesh is used under the roofing sheets to hold insulation materials such as foil and glass wool in place.

Mesh typeRoll sizeRoll areaWeightCoatingWire gauge
3 x 31.8m x 30m54 m217.6 Kg/rollZinc 45g/m2BWG 17 (1.37mm)



Tensile Strength38.8 N/mm2
Wire diameter tolerance+0.01 mm
Standards of ConformationQB/T/T 3897 – 99 China
 Manufactured with iron coated with Zinc (Galvanized before weld)