Metecno insulation products covers whole range of thermal and sound insulation appliances for domestic and large scale of industrial use.

Aluminium Foil - A highly reflective radiant heat barrier as well as a vapor barrier.

Foil type Roll size Roll area Weight
3 Way Single Sided 1.25m x 60m 75m2 8 Kg / roll
3 Way Double Sided 1.25m x 60m 75m2 10.2 Kg / roll

Foil Specifications

Tensile Strength M.D. 1,500N/25mm x D.60N25mm (ASTM D828)
Surface Reflectivity 0.95 (ASTM D1263)
Water vapor transmission rate 5.75 ng/N.s (ASTM E96)
Reflectivity 95%
Emissivity 5%

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Glasswool - An Excellent flexible sound barrier and conductive heat barrier.

Glasswool type Roll size Roll area Density Conductivity R value
20 x 25 1.2m x 20m 24m2 20 kg/m2 0.039 W/mK 0.65 m2K/W
16 x 50 1.2m x 15m 18m2 16 kg/m2 0.039 W/mK 1.3 m2K/W


Temperature Range -4 0C to 121 0C (ASTM C411)
Moisture Absorption 3% < at 49 0C and 90% relative humidity (ASTM C1104)
Fire Rating Class 0 (BS 476)
No support or promote mold or fungus growth (ASTM C665)

Galvanized Mesh - A strong and durable support for insulation.

Mesh type Roll size Roll area Weight Coating Wire gauge
3 x 3 1.8m x 30m 54 m2 17.6 Kg/roll Zinc 45g/m2 BWG 17 (1.37mm)


Tensile Strength 38.8 N/mm2
Wire diameter tolerance +0.01 mm
Standards of Conformation QB/T/T 3897 – 99 China
Manufactured with iron coated with Zinc (Galvanized before weld)